ディスクトップ 2" トラックボール

The DTXL3 HP/HIL Trackball, P/N 100296-534L, manufactured under license from Hewlett Packard, is a direct replacement for the Hewlett Packard HP/HIL Mouse and the discontinued HP trackball. An HP/HIL cable, P/N 100135, is available for connection to the HP/HIL bus (standard length is 18" for connection to the HP/HIL keyboard...any length can be provided).

Physical Size: L= 8.0", W= 4.0", H= 1.7" Weight: 0.8 lbs
Direct HP-HIL interface capability (No adapters required to connect to the HP-HIL bus)
Provides Input connector (A identification) and Output connector (E identification)
The most used Left Mouse Button is located under the thumb for ease of clicking and dragging while leaving the fingers free for precise cursor positioning using the fingers on the ball. The Middle Mouse Button is implemented as two buttons across the top of the trackball for convenience during right or left handed operation. The Right Mouse Button is located on the side opposite the thumb, and is actived by the little finger.
Right or Left Handed Operation can be selected by configuration switches located in a window on the bottom of the case.
All Metal Mechanicals and Diamond Hard Nitrited Steel Shafts with Precision Ball Bearings provide for rugged, smooth, long lasting operation.
Optical Encoders provide fast, high resolution, reliable positioning data.
2 Inch Diameter Hard Phenolic Resin Ball for smooth, durable operation and precise cursor positioning.
Gold-Plated Steel Spring-Contact Switches for high reliability and excellent tactile/audible feedback.
Teflon Ball Shields are available for dirt and water protection in harsh environments.
Manufactured in the USA.  
TEMPERATURE: 0 to 50 C. Operational, -40 to +85-C Storage
HUMIDITY: 95% RH non-condensing operational
SHOCK: 20 G any axis
VIBRATION: 5 G 10 - 2000 Hz.
ALTITUDE: -1000 to +50,000+ Feet Operational
R. F.: FCC Part 15 Subpart 3 requires this product to be tested with a host. Evergreen manufactures units meeting MIL-STD-461C Part 2-RE-02.
MTBF: 25,000 Hours Industrial 50,000 Hours Office Benign Per MIL-HDBK-2l7E  

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