Workstation Integration
                              KEYTON SALES

KEYTON SALES provides Workstations and third party products as a Value Added Reseller. We have relationship of Sun Catalyst Program in Japan, Sun Microsystems. All system components we offer have been selected to provide the highest system reliability. We are proud of its ability to offer Workstations and third party products which are the most cost effective, andpowerful technologies available. And, We are introducing best products of all countries in the world for Workstation and PC. 

                                KEYTON PRO

KEYTON PRO is designed to provide the best UNIX/C, PC/C consulting service on Sun and other Workstations platforms. We provide applications development, informational consulting, contract programing, and RDBMS to fully utilize your future system needs and business requirements. KEYTON PRO's expert knowledge of the industry and computer technology offers the best advice in solving your problems and panning your company's future. We have relationship of Sun System Integration Program in Japan, Sun Microsystems. And, We have PC base network technologies, CNE/J by Novell Japan.

                                KEYTON TEK

KEYTON TEK professionals will help you install your workstations and servers and provide training for your operators. Various training sessions are available upon request including Introduction to OS. Instrallation services are provided to ease the adjustments and upgrades of your system at a minimal fee. The engineers are available for phone consultations and troubleshooting. KEYTON TEK guarantees quality and flexble serice to meet your most demanding needs.

                                 The Market

KEYTON COMPUTER serves a market is a natural outgrowth of the existing Workstations confrencing market. Dataquest estimates the market will grow from 1993 21,000 cpu sets to 1998 500,000 cpu sets (23%) by 1995 only Nihon Sun Microsystems. And the market of NewMedia, MultiMedia - Worksation and PC- is growing now very first in Japan. 

  Reseller, Distributer
Workstation Integrix (Sun Compatible Workstation)
Case & RAID Integrix, JMR, PDE, Ci Design, Acard, Promise, Arena, CMD, Accusys
Disk Drive IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Seagate, Western Digital, NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi,  Toshiba
Tape Drive Tandberg, Exabyte, HP, Quantum, Sony, Seagate, Overland, M4
Optical Drive Iomega, Maxoptix, Plextor, Toshiba, Matsushita, Fujitsu, Pionner, Yamaha
Device Driver Jodian Systems&Software, Gear Software, Yang Mind, HyCD
Floppy Drive Integrix
Memory Southland Micro Systems
Board Adaptec, Antares Micro Systems, IntraServer, Magma
KVM Switcher NTI, Rextron Technology, Ultra SPEC Cables
Software DTI, Lon Star Software, Cuctus International, SPIRAL, WinTAR
Cable PDE, Ultra SPEC Cables
Accesory ITAC, Integrix


Network Technologies
Sun Developer Connection
IBM PartnerWorld for Developers
RS/6000 Solution Partner 
Novell Authorized Reseller Novell Network Enginer (CNE) 
Seagate Partner
Microsaoft OEM Developer
Adaptec Partner
Intel Partner
Chi Corporation


      Development of hardware and sales
      Development of software and sales
      Computer pelipheral Inport and Export

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